Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is My Blogger Broken?

I like to write. I like to talk. You could say that I like communicating, Period. Then why do I feel so shut down sometimes? It's like my blogger button is broken and nothing can trigger that part of my brain that can put the words down for any reason. Even for you. And you deserve a blog. You read this and then you leave me little notes and make my day. I want to give it to you. But, my blogger is broken.

Even my Face Booker is broken. I can get a comment or two out. Maybe send a message. I check in as often as I can force myself to sign on. And I love to read you updates and bit and pieces. I feel your energy and it boosts my desire to give back.

Maybe some times in our lives just aren't meant for as much connection?
Maybe what we are doing requires enough emotional and physical stamina that at the end of the day or even at the beginning of it, there is not enough energy to pump out meaningful prose.

Or is it simply a matter of priority? Maybe my life isn't in order enough to be a blogger?

It's probably just because I don't have access to pictures that tell or at least initiate the story of our lives. There's no picture of the hotel in Virginia that we lived in for two weeks after we moved out of our unfurnished house so that the renters could move in. Poor Bart lived in a dumpy hotel for nearly 4 months!

There are lots of pictures of the trip cross country that took us 6 days of driving through Ohio, Chicago, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming and home to Heber. We saw the Badlands and Crazy Horse, Mt Rushmore, the Wall Drugstore. We even spent a night in Ohio with Bart's sister and her family then did a quick tour of the Dayton Airforce Museum which is unbelievable. Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out how to get to them.

Somewhere in this computer are pictures of the babies I tended with my friend who runs daycare in her home. They were adorable and it made my life so sweet to spend time with the littlies and be with my sweet friend. I think I actually could adopt a child if we could ever settle down. LIke one friend says, "The loving is the easy part." It so was. I fell in love with those darling faces.

There's not one shot of the boys or my mom or Lynette or Barabara painting our huge garage off the house. It took forever. I even rented a scissor lift and had a lovely time scooting all over the palce and elevating myself to the highest heights at the push of a button. My aunt's boyfriend in California who is a professional painter suggested I buy myself a grinder. So I did. And I grinded the paint off every inch of trim. It was hot and long but we did it. It was gray. Now it's green with cream trim. Very pretty. I'll probably repaint the whole thing next year though as I tend to be finicky when it comes to color committments!

I wish I had a picture of the flood too. In May the house in Idaho flooded to the tune of nearly $40,000 worth of damage, all 3 floors. Ceilings were torn out along with all the carpet in the basement, all the hardwood hickory Bart installed himself 3 yrs ago, walls that I had painstakingly faux painted. A ton of the nutty alder trip was ripped out as well. Then I would put a picture right next to all that of my friend Stephanie who stepped in to organize the repair of it all. She managed the entire project in a way we couldn't have done ourselves even if we had been there, which we weren't. And Australia is far away. Feels even further when something like that happens. Then I would have to put in a plug for Barb who set up the cleaning company coming and Bro. Bell who figured out how to turn off the water and Sis. Frei who actually who just happened to be doing her RS visit to the new renter and found the water streaming down the living room windows! And lets not forget Belinda, the renter, putting up with all of that mess for 2 months!!

On a more pleasant note I would love to get the picture from my mother in law of all the cousins doing their homework together. My two boys and Bart's sister's kids were happily studying away after school one day. All at the same table, helping each other out. So cute. They have been getting so well. It is a joy to see. We have a great routine here and the cousins make it all easier.

Speaking of cousins they're leaving right now. So, I am signing off. Hope my blogger heals quickly!


Heather B said...

I'd love to send you a whole box of Band-aids for your blogger--because I love reading your updates! You are awesome, and have changed the way I view moving. When you moved into our ward in VA, you showed me how to reach out to others, and therefore, how to never be an outsider again. Thanks for that, and for your fabulous smile. Take care, my dear, and know that I'm thinking of you today.

Nicole said...

Well, you just write when you CAN write and we'll live off your morsels. Feed yourself first. And don't forget to breathe.

It was SO fun being able to see you again. You're amazing Kelly P.

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

looks like it is on the road to recovery.... always on the road eh? I am sure you will make it down here before bennett hits kindergarten, but if not, we won't e upset!! Love you guys, liz

Amy G. said...

I too, love love love your posts--so real and oh so refreshing. But their yours to post whenever you stinkin' feel like it! That's the beauty of a blog.

Oh, and I am sooo confused as to where you actually are! Still in Australia? Virginia? Utah? Idaho? My head's spinning trying to figure it out...or maybe it's the lovely head cold I'm experiencing.

care bear said...


Is your blogger fixed yet? May be you just need to tell it that you don't need pictures or to be "in order" - the more out of order life is, the more exciting the blog is. Right? May be I am just trying to convince my "out of order" self. :)

Miss hearing from you. It is almost Christmas.

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